Newstex Holiday Support Schedule

Newstex Holiday Support Schedule

Newstex will have a limited support staff on-call for emergency only events. During these times only emergency issues, such as complete outages of a feed, will be addressed. Normal and low priority issues will not be addressed during the following times:

  • November 28 - November 29
  • December 21 - January 1

We will have limited support staff on call during these times for emergency issues. Our normal response time during these times will be increased to 8 hours from the receipt of an emergency incident. Non-emergency issues will not be addressed during these times.

Emergency issues include:

  • Entire Feed Outage: No stories received for an extended period of time
  • FTP server outage: If you can not deliver content to Newstex because all FTP servers are down
  • Mobile Application Outage: Your mobile Application is completely broken, and you have confirmed this from multiple users

To contact on-call support during these times, you must use, and create an URGENT priority ticket. Please do not abuse this process, and only create URGENT tickets for the emergency issues as listed above.

Non-Emergency issues will be deferred during the holiday schedule. Non-emergency issues include:

  • Manual Kill requests
  • Missing ticker symbols in a story
  • Missing a single story
  • Feature Requests
  • Formatting issues on a story
  • Other Provider Issues