Newstex uses a customized ticket management system to report and track issues.


Please report any issues at or by sending email to Mobile clients may use to report issues with mobile apps.


If you start your email with “URGENT:” (no quotes) or submit a ticket with the Urgent priority, it will trigger an immediate notification to our systems on-call. Please note that this is only for mission critical issues such as not receiving any content.


Open a ticket Online:

To open a ticket, visit click on "New support ticket" at the top, you then enter the email address at which you wish to receive updates in the “Requester” field.


Complete the "Subject" to briefly describe the issue and then fully list details of the issue under "Description".


There is also a required field to describe the Type of issue you are reporting:

  Question – For General Inquiries

  Incident – For one-time issues of technical or operations nature

  Problem – For issues that apply to more than one story or pattern

  Feature Request – Items for a wish list to be included in the future


You are required to choose a Priority from the provided drop down window. Please note that anything with an "Urgent" priority will trigger our alert system after business hours so should only be used for emergencies, such as when the feed is lost or you can access a mobile app. Individual issues with stories or products that do not affect functionality can be listed as “Medium” priority. Wishlist items or non-time sensitive issues can be assigned a “Low” priority.


Provide details on issue in the “Description”.


You may also attach screenshots or supporting documentation by clicking “Attach a file”.


Click “Submit” when you are ready to send the ticket to Newstex.


You will receive email updates to the address that submitted the ticket or you can check in online for a ticket at if you have created an account with a password.


Updates and status of your ticket are sent via email.


You can also login to to check the status of a ticket at any time.


Register at

You may wish to Sign Up and create a username and password to have direct access to the system without using email. Click on Sign up, enter your full name, email address and complete the CAPTCHA to Register for


You will receive an email to select a password and activate your account.



You can also register and login with Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.


You may login at any time to check the status of your ticket. Updates are also sent to the email address used in registration.


Check the Status of a ticket:

Login to and click on “Check ticket status” in upper right corner. All of your open or pending tickets will appear on the screen.


You can search on old tickets or subject matter using the search box at the upper right corner.


You can reply, attach files or see updated comments from Newstex for any ticket that you created.


You can also register and login with Google, Facebook or Twitter accounts.


Organization Users:

If you would like to see tickets created by anyone within your company, please contact Newstex to set up the account and users for you.