bookmarks_-_tags_and_notes.pngACI has long recognized the crucial roles of organization and relevance in the research process. As the world's only repository of published scholarly blog content, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index is an editorially-curated collection of scholarly blogs in all academic disciplines. The foundation of ACI's success depends on organization and relevance to build and maintain the most authoritative collection possible. In order to customize the search experience to your research needs, ACI has implemented Bookmarks, a tool that allows you to bookmark any blog post in ACI and organize your saved bookmarks in a number of ways that are meaningful to you and your research. 

Bookmarks allow you to save selected posts that you find relevant or interesting, and then return to those posts later for further reading or review. Bookmarks are great for notating stand-alone posts that you found particularly interesting or worth exploring. (You can also use ACI's Lists tool to further organize found posts into a collection based on a shared topic, or when you intend to share the list with others.)


Two features that help you to customize your bookmarks are Tags and Notes. Use tags for classifying according to subject, keyword, or course ID, or for a research paper you're working on. Use notes for comments or ideas on the articles you bookmark. In short, tags are for organization, while notes are for other things like reminding you why you bookmarked or what your thoughts are on the topic. On your Bookmarks page, you can search your bookmarks using the Search Bookmarks box, and you can also click on any tag facet on the left to view only bookmarks with those specific tags.



Use tags to attach meaningful keywords and subject headings to your bookmarked posts. You can use words or phrases for your tags, and ACI will also display your previously-used tags to help you keep your bookmarked collection organized and relevant to you. Tags can be as broad or specific as you need them to be. Tag your posts with the primary subject behind the content, such as "biology", with the specific details of interest to you, such as "peptides", or both. 



Use the Notes feature to add comments, reminders, and informative references to saved articles in ACI. Use Notes as a reminder for why you saved a particular article, or use them to jot down your ideas for future writing based on the article or its topics. The Notes for each post can be edited at any time, so you can update your reference points as your research progresses.



How to Use Bookmarks in ACI:  You can bookmark any article in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index. To use the Bookmark tool in ACI, follow the steps below. 



Step 1Click on the icon or button for the article(s) you wish to bookmark.

  • On an individual article page, click on Bookmark above the article abstract.  


  • On a search results page, click on 

    the vertical ellipsis (3 dots) icon to the right of the desired article, or check the desired article box(es) and then on "Add Bookmark" at the top

    .                        bookmarks_-_search_results_page.png

Step 2Type desired keywords or phrases in the Tags field. You can enter individual words or a multi-word phrase for your tag.


Step 3Type in desired comments in the Notes field. Notes added to this field can always be edited later.


Step 4Click on the Add Bookmark button to save your bookmark.


To access your saved bookmarks at any time, click on Bookmarks under your name in the upper-right corner. You’ll see all of your bookmarks, including tags and notes assigned to those articles. You can search your bookmarks using the Bookmark Search box, and you can limit your view to articles with a specific tag by clicking the desired Tag facet on the left.

Customize your search experience to your research needs with the ACI Bookmarks tool in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index