While bookmarks are ideal for stand-alone posts of interest, the Lists feature allows you to create and organize collections of articles in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index for topical interests or for shared resources or activities. Just like with bookmarks, tags help you to organize your list, allowing you to classify that collection of posts according to terms you choose. The list description notates the intentions of or uses for that particular list. 


You can easily create a new list - or add article(s) to an existing list that you own - from any individual article or search results page. Also, because lists can be private or public, you can also browse public lists created by others using the Search Lists feature on your ACI Lists page. You can follow any public list in ACI, and you can receive auto-notification emails anytime a new post has been added to a list you follow or maintain. In addition, you can also subscribe to the RSS feed of any list by clicking on the Subscribe button in the upper-right corner of a list page.

In addition, your ACI Stream displays a comprehensive view of all posts from your collection of lists, allowing you to easily see at-a-glance the posts and details for every list you follow or maintain in ACI. Your ACI Stream lets you browse the content in your lists, ordered by the most recently-added post, without having to visit each list separately.

    How to Use Lists in ACI:  You can add any article in the ACI Scholarly Blog Index to a new or existing list that you own. To use the List tool in ACI, follow the steps below.

    Step 1Click on the icon or button for the article(s) you wish to add to a list.

    • On an individual article page, click on Add to List above the article abstract.   


    • On a search results page, click on the vertical ellipsis (3 dots) icon to the right of the desired article, or check the desired article box(es) and then on Add to List at the top.


    Step 2Check the list box(es) to add the article to, or click the Create a New List button to create a new list. 

    Step 3Type a title for your list. Try to use a title that will inform you of its contents or intended use.

    Step 4Type a description for your list. An ideal description will inform you (or others, if made public) of its contents or intended use.

    Step 5Type desired keywords or phrases in the List Tags field. You can enter individual words or a multi-word phrase for your tag.

    Step 6Choose the privacy settings for your list. Your lists can be private or public. Public lists are searchable by ACI users on the Lists page.

    Step 7Click on the Create List button.

    Step 8Click on Add to List to add the item(s) to your newly-created List.

    To search lists, create a new list, or view your Lists page for a comprehensive display of lists you follow or maintain, visit your Lists page by clicking on the menu icon under your name, and then on Lists, in the upper-right corner.