In the OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services Service Configuration Module, librarians can set up groups of databases that will display on the advanced search and default search pages of their libraries' WorldCat user interface. If a library is a subscriber of OCLC WorldCat Discovery Services as well as a subscriber to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index collection option will be visible within the OCLC Service Configuration Module database options and can then be added to the OCLC collections for that library. To do this, follow these steps within the OCLC WorldCat Service Configuration Module for your library:

1.  Visit the section entitled “Select databases that your user can search in your”.

2.  Select “Add/Remove Databases” within that section.

3.  Select "ACI Scholarly Blog Index" from the database list. It will now move into the box beneath “Selected Databases”.

4.  Click on "Done".

5.  Click on "Save changes".

Once this is done, the records within WorldCat will be linked so that it takes online researchers to the full ACI record within the WorldCat collection.

Note: In order for the collections and records to display properly, libraries should ensure that the 856 link display is turned on in the OCLC Service Configuration Module. The 856 link is the specific MARC field that ensures that the link to the item within the platform is working and displaying properly for the user. Once turned on, the 856 link display feature will ensure correct linking and record displays across all of that library's databases and content collections within their OCLC WorldCat user interface.