Core service

ACI Blog Index for Search Engines augments your Google and Google Scholar searches with results from or your institution's ACI portal. To provide this service, the browser extension uses your Google search and Google Scholar search queries to provide corresponding search results from ACI via a secure HTTPS connection.


ACI Blog Index for Search Engines collects analytics for the purpose of long-term product improvement. Google search and Google Scholar search pageviews are tracked as well as click interactions with the results provided by ACI. Google results, clicks on Google results, and pageviews beyond the first page of search results are not tracked by ACI. Analytics recorded by the browser extension anonymize IP addresses, do not include personally identifiable information, and are not linked with your ACI or Google accounts.

Error tracking

Any unexpected errors within the browser extension are reported anonymously to ACI for product improvement.

"Do Not Track" setting

ACI Blog Index for Search Engines will not collect long-term analytics for users with Do Not Track enabled. The ACI search API will be used to provide search results and unexpected errors will be tracked regardless of the Do Not Track setting.

See the ACI Privacy Policy for more information.