Librarians can select which collections and databases they need to add to their online Ex Libris Primo holdings to ensure that those collections are accessible to users within the Primo interface. If a library is a subscriber of Ex Libris Primo discovery service as well as a subscriber to the ACI Scholarly Blog Index, the ACI Scholarly Blog Index collection will be visible within the Primo database options and can then be added to the resource collections displayed for that library's users. Here are the instructions:

1) Access the "My Profile" account through the Institution Wizard.

2) Click on "My Client Applications" and choose the relevant client for which to activate the collection.

3) Click on "Edit client resource collections" on the bottom of the screen. Search for the ACI Scholarly Blog Index and check the box next to it in order to activate the collection. 

4) Then click "Done." Note that it can take up to 10 days before the collection appears in the search results.