Blogger or Blogspot

  1. After logging in to Blogger, click on the Settings tab.
  2. Click on the Site Feed tab.
  3. Look for the pulldown menu labeled Blog Posts Feed or Allow Blog Feed. Select Full from that menu.
  4. Click the orange Save Settings button.
  5. If you see an option to Republish your blog, do it.
  6. Your feed URL will be your blog address ( followed by:


By including this in your blog address, you will ensure that Blogger provides posts in the correct chronological order and the optimum quantity.


If you can install plugins, we recommend using the Newstex WordPress Plugin for delivering content to Newstex. This plugin allows you to provide Newstex with a Full-Text feed without opening that feed up to the rest of the world.

If you do not have the ability to install a plugin, or would prefer not to generate a feed instead of using the Newstex WordPress Plugin,  then you may log in and go to Dashboard / Options / Reading.

When you reach the Reading tab, look for the section of the tab that is labeled "Syndication Feeds."

There is an option, "For each article, show:" -- select Full Text and then click the Update Options button.

Movable Type

Movable Type usually is installed with built-in RSS and Atom templates but they are not always configured for full text.

You may or may not need to change your MT templates. The type of change depends upon which version of Movable Type and which templates are in use.

Here is an article that may help:

I use WordPress, and I wish to provide a full-text feed to Newstex while preserving a summary feed for my regular readership.

We recommend you use the Newstex WordPress Plugin to provide us with full-text versions of your content without impacting your summary only feed for regular readers.

My blog is broken. Can you help fix it?

Newstex is merely a syndicator of blog feeds. Unfortunately, we cannot provide formal technical support and we cannot guarantee that our suggestions to facilitate a full-text will work in every circumstance on every platform.

May I provide you with my FeedBurner feed URL instead of my blog's direct feed URL?

Yes, but we prefer the direct feed since FeedBurner shut down the API on October 20, 2012 and there is no guarantee that the feeds will work correctly. More information on alternatives can be found here.

May I put ads in the full-text feed that I deliver to Newstex and other subscribers?

Newstex must not deliver your ads to clients. If your feed contains ads, please check with Newstex to ensure that we can automatically identify and remove the ads.

I plan to change my feed format, tags, or location.

We encourage blog authors to keep their feeds in tune with new trends and technologies, but please notify Newstex in advance of any change, so that we may update our blogreader software. Certain unannounced changes may cause Newstex to stop syndicating your blog, until Newstex is notified of the change.

Is there a way to correct previous blog posts, or to delay the feed until a few hours after publication?

If a blog anticipates that frequent changes will be made to published posts, then Newstex asks to be notified during the initial signup period. Newstex can then opt to retrieve the blog only during late off-peak hours when changes for the current day's posts are likely to be complete.

Once a blog post has been obtained by Newstex and distributed to clients, there is no automatic way to retract or correct it.

How can I create password protected feeds?

If your blog platform supports standard HTTP authentication, then you may use this method to password-protect your feed so that only authorized users (such as Newstex) have access to it.

Hosted blog platforms -- TypePad, Blogspot, and -- generally do not support feed password protection. Client platforms -- located on a blogger's independent web host -- can sometimes support feed password protection through extensions or plug-ins.

If a blogger relies upon FeedBurner to perform password protection for them, the feed could be intercepted during its unsecured delivery from the blog to FeedBurner. So it is important for a blogger seeking password protection to establish that security within their blog software or web host.

I am interested in providing my archives to Newstex. Is Newstex interested in my archives and what do I need to do?

Newstex will decide on a case-by-case basis whether we will take in a publisher's archival content. We take into consideration the content demand from clients and how much resources on our end will need to be devoted to the project.

It is easiest for Newstex to receive the content if it exported from the blog, using the blog software's export feature, and if that export excludes comments. WordPress is the best blog platform from which to export archives to Newstex.

How do I add the byline in my feed?

Publishers can add the byline to the <author> or <dc:creator> tag of their feed. They need to figure out how their particular content software does this.

Also what happens if I update content which you've previously retrieved? Which I sometimes do. Would that cause you difficulties? In other words I'm not sure how you maintain the content that you pass to those who take Newstex services? And how often do you update that content from blogs, or don't you usually?

If you update a post...

a. If a blog post is not in the current feed, most blog platforms do not put updated versions of the post into the feed, and therefore we do not receive the update.

b. If the post is recent enough to be in the current feed, then the update will be retrieved and re-processed through our system. Updates may take up to 30 minutes to appear on all clients.

We generally check blogs for new content every two hours, so interim changes within the window between each update are not retrieved.