Newstex now offers a Wordpress plugin that syndicates directly to us without RSS feeds. This is good if you don't want to publish a full-text feed of your blog, or have a summary feed that you'd like to keep. Unfortunately, this plugin cannot be installed on blogs hosted by yet. To install, follow these steps:

You may download the plugin directly at: 

 Alternately, install the plugin manually from the WordPress administrative interface. 

Log into your WordPress Administration portal (usually
Click "Plugins" on the left menu 



On the top of the Plugins page, choose "Add New"




In the Search box, type "Newstex" and hit enter

Install the plugin by clicking "Install"



Click "Activate Plugin"



In the sidebar of the Wordpress admin page, click Settings, then click "Newspress" when it appears in the Settings menu.



Enter your Newstex username and password in the boxes provided, then click "Save Options".



You're done. Continue posting as you normally would and your posts will automatically be sent to Newstex.


If your posts don't appear to be processed after about 15 minutes, check your username and password, if that doesn't work, contact

Resubmitting Existing Content

If you have existing posts on your WordPress blog, you may resubmit those posts by opening them and hitting the Update/Submit button. Whenever a story is edited or updated it will be sent to Newstex via the Newspress plugin. You may do this for all existing stories so that Newstex can archive older content.